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RF Components: Dip Packaged Noise Sources

Dip Packaged Noise Sources

RF Components: Pin Packaged Noise Sources The NMA 2000 and NMA 2100 Noise Sources are designed to simulate a variety of environmental conditions in sophisticated radar systems. In addition, it is often used for testing industrial and/or military communication systems. The NMA 2000 offers filtered output which eliminates unwanted noise outside of the specified frequency range. It also provides a great deal of temperature stability, which guarantees optimum performance even under constantly-changing environmental conditions.

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Product Listing
Model Low Freq High Freq Noise
Output (ENR)
Voltage (V)
NMA2012-A1D 100 kHz 2000 MHz 54 dB Min 15 HTMLPDF
NMA2110-CS3 1 MHz 1000 MHz 81 - 84 dB 11.8 to 13 HTMLPDF
NZG-150-5M 100 Hz 5 MHz 92.7 dB Min 15 HTMLPDF
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